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And along the way, AdeptiCon became something more than just gaming convention. As avid gamers and hobbyists, we saw AdeptiCon as an opportunity to present to our community everything that made adepticon 2018 rules for dating passionate about the hobby.

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The Spores and Rippers double as area denial and can keep your opponent off areas you need to be in regards to countering deepstrikers. We were fortunate to have the entire Wave 39 with us as well, which made everyone extremely happy.

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For those of you thinking of making the trip to AdeptiCon in March, we have some important dates for you. So, again, thanks from GCT for all your hard work. The Two Devourers are pumping out lots of strength 6 shots and the Monstrous Rending Claws can quite literally shred through most targets.

Counterthrust deployement and Breakthrough Secondary Objective. You can find a full copy of the pack here but the key points are the same as those covered above for the other events.


A River will be place in the middle of the board and each player will receive one bridge that will be the secondary objective. This is done to prevent players from zoning off objective markers.

Frontline Clash with Secondary objective Secure Target. Summon Daemons of Nurgle: Today we live in a Golden Age of the miniatures gaming hobby, with more choices than ever before. Your team can only use each Rune once as per normal rules.

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So the awards results are out now: Each player bola de drac fusio online dating for side and the winner rolls for the deployment type and then the opponent rolls for the Secondary Objective.

It runs from the Thursday to the Sunday with the Wednesday being set aside for setup. Please follow the guidelines as stated in the Fantasy Battles: Hey everyone, today is a quick preview post on all the great Age of Sigmar events at Adepticon The 4 Mawlocs are also big bugs that can deepstrike where they need to be and have a chance at generating mortal wounds.

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The Garden of Nurgle: Now multiply all that by 7 and well…you get the idea. Each one makes for an excellent firebase and a deadly melee combatant in their own right. So whether this is your first AdeptiCon or just your latest, we welcome you to an event we remain very proud of.

It continues to amaze us, even after fifteen years, that no matter how large the AdeptiCon community grows it still feels very much like a family.

He's Ronin, applicable to all factions, cool as hell, and armed to the teeth!

AdeptiCon (Part One) | GCT Studios

If any of the unit 's footprint touches or overlaps the river then water terrain rules immeditaly take into effect. Primarchs stalk the table tops, games are fast and furious, and like never before, the grimdark is bringing the action to tabletops across the world. You can find all the details of the Warhammer Live coverage here.

The additional Allegiance Abilities from the Firestorm supplement will not be in use.

Adepticon Rules and Scenarios for all four events

Congratulations to the new champ at Adepticon — Matt Root! If both players on a team are using the Sylvaneth Allegiance Ability, then each team only deploys one 1 Sylvaneth Wyldwood as described in the Allegiance Ability, instead of each player deploying a Wyldwood each. If both players on a team are using the Fyreslayer Allegiance Ability, then each team will only use one Rune at a time and it will affect both armies when used.

So get one while you can: Because of the high number of drops, this army can give lots of folks headaches when it comes to trying to counter-deploy. Please refer to the Scoring and Victory Points section on pg.

It truly is a Temple of Ro-Kan to all things miniature and wargame related.

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They looked absolutely amazing, and not only do they add to the overall experience of playing but they encompass what they call a ' Bushido PlayerAid Border', that has all those little rules we tend to forget in the heat of battle. Feb 12th4: We will be using v.

We will feature that mechanic again as we bring the team tournament in line with the new edition.

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Next week we'll have an in-depth interview with this years winner, Mark Creamer, as well as a complete look at all the lists that were at the tables, and a breakdown of all this years medal winners.

Another nod of sincere thanks has to go to Mats to Mars who provided the incredible mats used in the tourney. AdeptiCon's growth reflects this, growing from what was essentially a two-day show supporting a handful of events to a full four-day celebration with a schedule offering over tournaments, gaming events, and hobby seminars and classes.

Friday March 24, Team Tournament pts per player pts a side 9am - 10pm We will be using version v1.

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Sylvan Elves are allowed their free forests, however they must be of the appropriate size no bigger than 6" in diameterfully painted and complete with trees no pieces of paper.

We're honored that you've chosen to spend these four action-packed days with us. Nurgle Cycle of Corruption: Don't miss your chance to sign up for the tournament, if you're thinking of coming we urge you to decide soon and grab a ticket. And while we live in a time often characterized by division, we can set aside, at least for the next four days, those things that divide us and focus on what we all agree on — our love of painting and playing with toy soldiers!

You must indicate which Magic Path each Wizard will be using for the entire tournament on your army list. We debuted our new show exclusive miniature on Thursday.