Daniel Seavey & Tyanna Jones Imitate Emojis, Talk Dating, Do British Accents & More! Daniel Seavey & Tyanna Jones Imitate Emojis, Talk Dating, Do British Accents & More!

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I haven't even talked to him! But I'm just hear to focus on American Idol and I'm very excited. To be fair, though, we are also cognizant that Qaasim would have went home last week.

Everyone was doing interviews and Payton was up doing interviews for the American idol episode. We also assumed that Qaasim Middleton would not be eliminated, mostly because it is an extremely rare occurrence that someone is sent packing right after being saved.

Daniel Seavey with Adanna Duru

Payton catches up with Trevor and they drive to the hotel together. Granted, we did not think that either one of these ladies was going to win the easyflirt annecy. After all, this means that we currently have six men still in the competition, and only three women in Jax, Tyanna Jones, and Joey Cook.

Payton gets up because she wanted to warm up so she went outside of the auditorium. The group I'm gonna be singing with, they are all very cool, Jax, Alexis Gomez and Adanna Duru and our group is called After Payton's interview she went back to the performance area and watched the other groups sing.

After the comments, the judges let all 4 of the girls through to the next round. I didn't make it up. After all, what did this possibly mean?

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I actually met Trevor Douglas back at the airport in California and it turns out that we are both from Texas. He was really freaked out when he saw my room because it's all filled with posters of like one direction and all those big bands.

It's nice to finally meet you. Daniel adanna duru and daniel seavey dating up with his guitar.

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Are you nervous about tomorrow? They finish and everyone claps. It was Payton's turn and she walked over the the piano. Like together as a couple or like a duet? Also, sign up to score some other news worth singing about via our CarterMatt Newsletter.

They arrive at the hotel and went to their rooms and waited for the next week. Payton just blushes and the audience laughs.

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Qaasim, Trevor, Savion and Daniel just start saying random things at the same time. In the meantime Daniel had his solo interview. Report Story It was the first week of Hollywood week and Payton and Daniel still don't notice each other yet.

They finish the interview and went to the stage and performed "Problem". This is going to be a fun few weeks coming up, just from the standpoint of seeing how the voting trends continue. Daniel sings his song and finishes and everyone claps.

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Ultimately, we ended up losing both Adanna and Maddie from the competition tonight, and this is a very interesting move by the voting public. I've met a lot of cool people here and they are all pretty laid back. I've been singing since I was little and its been apart of me ever since.

Oh my gosh we have solos and then top 48! Payton smiles and looks at the crowd and spots Daniel smiling and clapping. The boys went up on stage and started to sing "Story Of My Life".

Adanna Duru

She starts playing and slays the song. And he's cute but he'll never fall for someone like me. What are you gonna be singing? Daniel laughs and blushes. You guys killed it!

I met a lot of cool people here and they are just all so nice and they don't treat me like a baby They just shook it off and they went back to the audience and watched the rest of the other contestants. Everyone was in the audience watching.

Payton was sitting next to Jax and Daniel was sitting with Trevor. I mean he's adorable also so yea.

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I am one of the youngest contestants here and it's nerve racking because everyone else is so experienced. Adanna for some reason could never really find an identity with voters at home, while Maddie did not really have the stage presence you need at the end of the day.

She pulls out her phone and looks at her Twitter but she doesn't look where she's going so she bumps into someone. He's from Fort Wort which is just like 30 minutes away so we kinda hung out at each other's houses and we clicked from the beginning and he's really cool.

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We've never really talked but I hear we have a lot in common. The two finally got a chance to talk and they walked back to the auditorium and sit next to each other until they both went backstage to get ready for their performance.

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After everyone performs week 1 was over and everyone who made it through went to their hotel rooms. What do you think of Daniel? So much so, that you almost looks like you're this giggly little kid that fell into some other guy's body who happens to be incredibly musical and you can't believe you landed in such a musical body.

After that hug, they both felt something. And I mean, don't tell her, but I'm not gonna lie, she is pretty. These are all talented people! You did great and I can't wait for your house of blues performance!

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I'm most excited to hear Payton because I hear she's the same age and she has such a powerful voice so I'm excited. The judges made their comments and everyone was happy because the judges let Qaasim, Trevor, Savion and Daniel through.

And I'm excited to hear his voice.