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Additionally, the Associated Press noted that neither person had filed for a marriage record at the time. Featured as a guest cast member. Conrad is revealed to be sitting on his couch, and comforts him that "it's hard to say goodbye" to a "friend of [his]", before the camera focuses on a smiling Conrad.

In reality, the vehicle had not driven off and Cavallari stepped out of the vehicle to hug Jenner.

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The scene depicts Jenner returning to his apartment after seeing Cavallari's limousine off to Europe. With the camera on Jenner, the Hollywood Hills backdrop is pulled away, while the camera pans back to reveal that the entire scene was filmed on a backlot.

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I think that's why they're bringing me in, because I know what works". In an attempt to change her mind, Pratt called Conrad and apologized for spreading the rumors. Montag and Pratt became engaged, while Patridge resumed a turbulent romantic relationship with her friend Justin "Justin Bobby" Brescia.

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Consequentially, Port was offered and accepted the position in Conrad's place. When pressed further, Patridge replied, "We're put in situations where however we'd react and that's what comes up [on TV]", and additionally stated that the series was unscripted.

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However, she later apologized to Conrad for an earlier confrontation, and the pair became friends. She elaborated that scenes would be reenacted if cameras were not present for a significant occurrence between cast members, and commented that her relationship with Jenner was "pretty brief" and "definitely [edited] to drag it out".

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The series' first season holds a score of 52 out of on Metacriticindicating "mixed or average reviews", based on eight reviews.

In the final scene, Jenner is shown to be watching the limousine bringing Cavallari to the airport travel down her street. She replied, "To be perfectly honest, I wasn't on the other line of that call [ Afterwards, the women developed a feud that continued through the remainder of the season.

After unexpectedly receiving much disapproval, she and her husband Pratt alienated themselves from their relatives.

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Tim Stack of Entertainment Weekly expressed interest in the route the series would take, writing that the latter would "be fully prepared to stir things up". Jenna Mullins from E! Emily Exton from Entertainment Weekly described it as "probably a bit confusing" for the series' earlier viewers, in light of the casting adjustments in later seasons.

They give you a schedule like, 'You have lunch with Heidi [Montag] at 3 to talk about the party coming up' or whatever the situation may be".

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