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Admitted to court, she attracts attention and curiosity for her beauty and skills, but she also attract Le Notre's wife jealousy. Pruned sorry and chopped around a bit, the script would have more energy and grip.

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The potential conflict and tension between a much more austere, order-obsessed Le Notre and a more wild and wilful Winslet is never realized. And it's worth it for some other stuff too, including a Winslet somehow more mature, and some truly beautiful images from Rickman as director.

There's a similar lost opportunity around Schoenaerts. Because Madame Le Notre is such a horror, and promiscuous, and already signed up to an open relationship, there's no practical or moral obstacle to Schoenaerts and Winslet leaping into the shrubbery. Sabine holds back not only because Andre is married but also because of her mysterious tragic past.

Structurally, Rickman the writer-director has made Rickman the actor part of the problem. And they don't even leap into the shrubbery. Instead Rickman denies himself a fitting farewell, and we're left wanting what might have been.

A Little Chaos (2015)

Le Notre is unhappily married with his unfaithful Madame, but Madame is well connected at court and sort of blackmails him into staying with her.

There's no tension, and no sense of achievement. The final scene looks like is taking place in the real, still existing, rock ballroom.

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It is purely fictional, but I like to believe it could have happened. Sabine talks to the court ladies and discovers that they also share tragic losses, although at court it is forbidden to talk about death.

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Andre is interviewing other landscape gardeners to help him with the job, among them the only woman, fictional Sabine De Barra Winslet. The ambv4 yahoo dating is not overbearing period and the costumes are absolutely fantastic.

They don't meet so cute, but Le Notre is intrigued and Sabine is hired.

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But there's a sense that - like its late lamented director - the script of A Little Chaos could have given us so much more. If the King was still a distant authority, his scene with Winslet and the pear tree would be a moment of revelation and transformation; instead it's just pleasant and a bit poignant.

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We miss Alan Rickman terribly. Having decided for dramatic purposes to get so chaotic with the truth - in reality Le Notre the head gardener was decades older than the King, not t'other way round, and Winslet's radical female gardener simply didn't exist - the writers don't take much creative advantage.

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Once able to face her past, Sabine can finally move into her future. Winslet is really good as Sabine and Schoenaerts seems particularly gifted for the role of the strong, silent, lover.

We finally get to know Sabine's sad history during one of the most moving scenes of the film. If Rickman seemed capable of ruining lives by banishment from employment in his Eden, the risks and tensions would have consequences and impact.

In the society of the time, Sabine is a bit of a low class oddity who manages to make friends in high places. I thought they all but disappeared from the screen.

Perhaps lacking confidence in any of the strands, they try to throw in too much that remains undeveloped: Because from the opening scene we see the fragile warmth behind the monarchical mask - and because it's Alan Rickman and everyone knows that Professor Snape always secretly cares - he can't carry the kind of threat required of the capricious absolute ruler.

And by then, there's no chance that he's going to be anything other than indulgent of the apparent hiccough of the waterlogged garden.

It was released in a year with a lot of other similar films, and perhaps that hurt it in terms of acclaim, as did the fact that the plot isn't the easiest to explain, but as I say, there are certainly moments within it that make it worth a watch.

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All that mud, and all that luscious fruit, and they finally get it on indoors, which seems rather a waste - as well as a defusing of the little passion there was.

Say Schoenaerts is still uncertain, about the funky horticulture and about Winslet, when the more perceptive Mrs Le Notre ruins the garden to forestall the threat of losing her husband; Schoenaerts and Winslet then have their moment of near-death near-passion in the tempest; Jennifer Ehle's boudoir then becomes a place of real refuge, from a very grumpy King and from the unknown result of the passion; the nicely-staged Mexican stand-off between the wounded ladies and the King's posse can then be a moment of real resolution - what if that's the moment when she realizes that the King who could be about to ruin her is the same mysterious figure she met under the pear tree?

However, that will not stop the slowly burning romance between Andre and Sabine. Great movie, a balm for the soul.

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He's a bit snooty in his first scene, but after that he's just sort of romantically moody. His Le Notre doesn't develop at all.

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Their scenes together are moving and tender, without any of the artificial slickness or aggressiveness of contemporary romances.

If Schoenaerts was really uncomfortable about Winslet's garden planning, and about the idea of betraying his wife, Winslet and the story would have something to aim at and work on.

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It's not a fantastic film, more a collection of good moments that sadly never join up, but you can't fault Rickman or Kate Winslet, who shine when on screen.