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Many were issued, but these are the prized notes of the townsmen who would ask if I wanted ot buy old Zimbabwean dollars.

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The 50 US cent denomination followed in March A 2 dollar coin was introduced in Innickel-plated steel replaced 100 trillion zimbabwe dollars to nzdating in the 10, 20 and 50 cents and 1 dollar coins, and a bimetallic 5 dollar coin was introduced. The Government has maintained that the return of the Zimbabwe dollar will only be considered when key economic fundamentals, such as productivity in key sectors, have been achieved.

South African rands are welcome too, and even euros and pounds are acceptable in some hotels and situations. So I was pretty shocked to find a collection of old Rhodesian coins in the airport shop and even more surprised that they still proudly showed the Queen on the coin.

As we walked the main street of Victoria Falls town which comprises a mere five or so souvenir shops, we were rapidly pounced upon by touts selling everything from wooden carvings to jewellery.

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The big deal is actually made about the trillion dollar note however. A half a dollar note. Hyperinflation[ edit ] All four issues of the Zimbabwean dollar experienced high rates of inflation, although it was not until the early s that Zimbabwe started to experience totally unsustainable hyperinflation.

And yes, guess which tourist bought the set for his weird and wacky money collection. Wikipedia — revaluations of the Zimbabwean dollar http: In its mid-term monetary policy statement, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe RBZ said it would import special coins, known as Zimbabwean bond coinsto ease a shortage of dating ring y combinator application in the economy.

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It was hard to tell if there was an overlod of suply but I wonder if it will be a collector's item at least in UNC at some point in time. There would also be South African rand coins of 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents, 1 rand, 2 rands, and 5 rands. This isn't mine, they are at the bank I have no idea why but for your reference: It's a shame; wheelelbarrows worth of the stuff d to go to stores which hardly stocked anything aside from the bare essentials I believe the regional food is sort of like a pasta bsae similar to couscous.

The 1 cent coin was struck in bronzewith the others struck in cupro-nickel.

The 100 trillion dollar bank note that is nearly worthless

The Zimbabwean dollar was effectively abandoned as an official currency on 12 Aprilwhen the Economic Planning Minister Elton Mangoma confirmed the suspension of the national currency for at least a year. Also, if the serial numbers go in order it confuzes me when I compare to tthe estimated count printed.

This one looks appealing, though Then I noticed they had an older pristine 50 cent bill. A nice stable currency.

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Inbronze-plated steel replaced bronze. They also kept making new type after type trying to multiply the value of the previously debased currency.

Then it got worse, a lot worse, as the economic situation worsened and hyperinflation kicked in. Looking at various serial numbers I had a sense Mugabe was prineting more after the currency turned to crap and they started using South African and USD currency.

That could possibly be a sign you are on the wrong track.

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An amazing natural wonder of the world, particularly from the Zimbabwean side of the falls where you can walk the 1. More on weird and wacky money shortly. Some people think this is unethical to buy these but I think they have historical value.

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Many years ago, friends of mine returned from Rhodesia as it was in the s, with homes and farms lost as the country was taken over by Robert Mugabe and militant African factions, leading to a three decade dictatorship.

Up toregular banknotes were issued, but as hyperinflation developed fromthe Reserve Bank issued short-lived emergency traveller's cheques. More often than not though, they were selling money.

I was about to get more but I was hesitant, especially since some dealers in CA bought tons of these in huge bundles straight from Zimbabwe many of which I think were in UNC straight from the mint.

Zimbabwe phases out local currency at 35 quadrillion to US$1

I have 10 or 11 in UNC -- I bought these as a novelty since it's the hisghest denomination ever printed. Exchange rate history[ edit ] This table shows a condensed history of the foreign exchange rate of the Zimbabwean Dollars to one US Dollar: The exercise brought closure to the outstanding issue on the Zimbabwe dollar, further confirming the government's position that the local unit will not return anytime soon.

Well maybe you have some old T-shirts or pants you could give to me? It was a shame, the gvernmernt reissued several new bank notes that were expoential to the previous types trying to restorre the currency currency.

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In some ways, I bought a lot of these notes as I felt sorry for the chaps — one guy hassled me non-stop for about ten minutes and I eventually said that we were leaving that day so could not buy any more stuff. On 18 Decemberthe 1, 5, 10, and 25 US cent denominations were released into circulation.

Seems like you can still get some UNC's at reasonable prices. Beforethe country was a British colony untilwhen Ian Smith declared unilateral independence, sparking a long period of sanctions and protests from Britain to the United Nations, and ultimately leading to the conditions that allowed Mugabe to take over.

Martin Rupiya, professor war and security studiesUniversity of Zimbabwe.